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India is the world’s largest democracy, with a population of over 1.27 billion. With only 3% of India being Christian 97% people are under deep religious darkness, there is a very big need for evangelism and we have very little resources to carry this out. There are over 500,000 villages with out churches with a 60% people are under deep poverty and 45% of people who cannot read. The half million villages which have never heard of Jesus and the Gospel.

The Lord has touch our heart watching our peoples suffering through persecution and spiritual death. We create connection between trained and dedicated pastors, called by God into remote and unreached villages.

Our goal is to promote and convey enduring support for them, as the best strategy to get the Gospel to those who have not yet heard of Jesus and planting 500 churches in unreached areas of India. Through our ministry we are making difference, but much more help is needed to reach all of the people of India.


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