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India is the world’s largest democracy, with a population of over 1.27 billion. There are over 60% people who are under deep poverty and 45% of people who cannot read. Our goal is to help poor people both spiritually and physically and also to build schools and hospitals for poor people. Through our ministry we are also making difference by doing social activities such as helping the people who are affected by natural disasters such as flood, earthquake and cyclone and also providing accommodation for the mentally sick people living in the street.


The 2015 South Indian floods resulted from heavy rainfall during the annual northeast monsoon in November–December 2015. They affected the Coromandel Coast region of the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu especially Chennai. More than 500 people have died and over 1.8 million people have been displaced. Damages and losses are estimated to be more than 20000 Crore (US$3 billion). The breaching of ponds, lakes and over flow of rivers has led to severe damage to homes and crops, limiting people’s access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Heavy rains continue to lash Chennai in Tamil Nadu, bringing several parts of the city to a standstill.

Gilgal Mission India's Response:
The demand for humanitarian relief is massive and we are focused on getting aid distributed in coordination with other agencies and NGOs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Gilgal Mission India is working to get support to provide the disaster relief items such as shelter supplies, rice, drinking water, blankets and other core emergency items into some of the areas that are amongst the most devastated and hard to reach. The core priority areas of Gilgal Mission India’s emergency response are:

  • To provide rice
  • Drinking water
  • Blanket
  • Shelter supplies
Appeal for Help:
Gilgal Mission India is urgently appealing for funds to support the emergency response. It is important that aid reaches affected communities as quickly as possible. We are looking to support 5,000 families at a cost of INR 6,000 per family(one family 100 US $).Your contribution will go a long way in help restoring the livelihood and dignity of the flood affected families.


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