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Current Population of India in 2014 is 1,270,272,105 (1.27 billion ) Mental disorders afflict 20 million of the Indian population need special mental care.

Living with mental illness is a curse because of lack of amenities and health-care facilities. The mentally ill living in poverty in urban and rural areas are subject to rape, abuse, torture and negligence in India are at the mercy of a system which just does not seem to care.


One day we saw a situation on the roadside. There is one food restaurant. The people who are working in the restaurant throw the rubbish bad smell food on the side of the road. One mental lady came with hunger and took this waste food and eagerly ate like anything. Another side a street dog was also eating the waste food. We saw this incident and this broken our heart.

And also we saw one more incident. There is one mental guy came with hunger. We think that this guy has not eaten food for a long time. He begged for food from the restaurant. But the shop owner got angry with him. He put hot water upon his face. It has broken our heart.

So we went to the restaurant and paid 100 rupees and told the hotel owner to give delicious food to the guy. He sat outside the restaurant and ate the food as anything. The restaurant owner didn't allow the mental guy to come inside the restaurant because the Guy was wearing bad dirty dress.

So that is the reason, we decided to help these kind of mentally homeless people who are on the street. So we decide to start a building for the accommodation for 100 mental homeless people and this process is going on.


We the Gilgal Mission India is helping this mentally ill people by providing accommodation, food, medical care, dresses etc, to those who are forsaken by their family , homeless and living in the street, railway station, bus stand and market places and bringing them to give good life until their death.

Medical treatment is given to them from the government Mental hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

We are giving vocational training to the mental people so that it will give them hope to work on bringing back motivation, to remove their apathy and lack of drive and to make them capable to start earning.

For men we are giving training related to agricultural activities and for women we have planned to give training in tailoring, embroidery, cutting and stitching, Thus we are making them to earn their livelihood.

We give freedom to do things on their own as a matter of self-esteem and perhaps for a continued recovery. By making them to do these activities, we make them to get mental relaxation.

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