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The Gilgal Mission India have planned to start a Gilgal Mission India Public School to ensure effective delivery of education in poor rural areas of India, starting in a state where four million children do not attend school, and where more than 40% of kids who complete primary level still cannot read and count. India's literacy rate is at 74.04%.

We have decided to start the class from L.K.G to X in English medium. The objective is to see all children evolve into empowered citizens, entrepreneurs, employees or graduates of higher education, thereby moving forward on the ladder of development.


(a) To empower community through education.
(b) To enable the children to attain the fullest possible       development of human potentialities and capacities.
(c) To develop every child’s character, personality and culture.
(d) To make children self-confident and self dependent, and to       make them strong physically and mentally.
(e) To make capable of earning the livelihood reasonably well       to enjoy a happy and secure life.
Education brings success and success translates into social recognition. Though we have developed well in higher education system, a limited infrastructure facility is there in most of the educational institutions. So we need to have a school with all facilities. School provides with exposure to diversity in culture and religion something we also need to develop tolerance and empathy. School provides with formal structure that real life learning does not, and that structure helps to learn self-discipline.

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